Conferences and Presentations

Colorado Youth Matter actively engages Colorado communities to promote the healthy sexual development of all young people. To this end, CYM shares data, information, and new ideas with partners and youth-serving adults at conferences throughout the year.

Conferences in 2015 at which Colorado Youth Matter staff presented include:

6.24-26.2015 - Rural Philanthropy Day, Objectifying the Data, Stefanie Winfield

7.13-14.2015 - National Sexual Health Conference, The WHO?: Prioritizing Teacher Preparation to Shift Adolescent Sexual Health; Creating Cultures of "Askable Adults", Andie Lyons

8.3.2015 - Drawing from a Deeper Well, Strengthening Links, Ruthie Kolb and Stefanie Winfield

9.17,2015 - Public Health in the Rockies, Maximizing Success for Teen Pregnancy Prevention: Assessing Continued Need for Colorado Counties, Becca Bolden

9.24.2015 - Rural Philanthropy Days, Objectifying the Data, Stefanie Winfield

9.28-29.2015 - Annual WISE Convening, Welcome; Impact of WISE in Colorado, Lisa Olcese, Holly Ponton, Ruthie Kolb, and Andie Lyons

If you are interested in having Colorado Youth Matter present at your upcoming event or conference, please contact Director of Strategic Communication and Development, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.