Why I give

Why I give

This is a guest blog post from our the Chair of our Board of Directors, Michelle Fuller, about why she invests her time and money into Colorado Youth Matter.

What inspired you to become a board member of Colorado Youth Matter?
I believe everyone has the right to know the facts and make the decisions that are right for them regarding their health and well-being. I wanted to serve on the board of a small nonprofit that reflects that and does great work, so when I found Colorado Youth Matter I was inspired by their mission and I knew it would be a good organization for me to invest in.

What 3-5 words would you use to describe your personality?
Compassionate, feisty, and creative.

Outside of your commitment to Colorado Youth Matter, how do you spend your time?
I am the Executive Director of a nonprofit called Philanthropy Field Trips. We make it easy and fun for people to get involved with nonprofits in their communities through educational and service outings, so I spend a lot of time planning and doing service projects. When I am not trying to save the world, I love to hike, bike, read, and spend time with my family.

What is your best/worst/most memorable experience with sex education growing up?
I did not have sex education in school and I do not remember anyone taking to me, other than my grandmother asking if I was keeping my lady garden safe. I was not really sure what she was referring to, so I don’t think that counts.

What have you liked the most about being involved in Colorado Youth Matter during your time as a board member?
I love seeing the passion and dedication that the staff and youth council members show when working on this issue. It keeps me engaged and energized. I continue to donate my time and money to Colorado Youth Matter because I believe that all youth have the right to evidence-based sex ed, which enables them to make healthier choices.

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