What Should You Know About Gay Marriages?

Trauma-informed sex ed

By Ruthie Kolb, Training Manager
September 29, 2016

The step towards the equalization of homosexuals in rights with heterosexuals was greeted with popular jubilation, but the joy of the people is not shared everywhere in the world.

To answer this question, one must first determine the attitude towards homosexuality in general. Modern science, and sexology, in particular, agrees that homosexuality is not a disease or a deviation, but one of the forms of a person's sexual orientation, equivalent to heterosexuality and bisexuality. It is impossible to "get infected", it is not related to either gender or gender and is also caused not by upbringing and the environment, but by genetics and features of biological development, including the influence of hormonal factors that can be greatly described on samesex marriage essay. It is unclear what possible development of a relationship a same-sex marriage might have, or at least why such relationships should be given more importance than any others. Many states may already require training for foster parents, but having legalized same-sex marriage has nothing to do with the problem. H2 What Are the Main Gay Marriage Arguments? The main gay marriage arguments that can be used for order essay are:

  1. Today, the status of a “registered partnership” already grants certain rights to such couples that are generally equated to an ordinary marriage, for example, the ability to choose a common surname.
  2. Lesbian couples' access to reproductive medicine is child-friendly and doesn’t violate the child's right to know exactly where they are.
  3. "Marriage for All" will pave the way for surrogacy for homosexual couples.
  4. The need to make appropriate amendments to the Constitution. In the end, everyone agreed that a simple change in the current federal legislation is quite enough.
  5. Demands will always take place, both in relation to women and in general in relation to all people, one way or another, subjected to discrimination.
  6. The traditional family is the best place to raise children, and therefore the state is obliged to support it as a role model. Social research has long proven that the traditional family leads to better results in raising children and provides them with special “social benefits”. In such families, the sexual relationship between husband and wife is directed in such a way that it is of great benefit to family members and society as a whole. It also helps men lead more responsible and productive lives.

The Main Reasons for Sex Marriage Discrimination

Discrimination in gay marriages devalues the human capital that is so needed to combat global economic threats:
  • The damage from discrimination is clear: allowing one group to register their marriage, whether they are people of different races or of non-fertile age, destroys the human capital of other groups that are not allowed to marry.
  • Studies have shown that discrimination changes people's behavior: if representatives of the same group of society are told over and over again that they are less valuable, they are likely to be less ambitious and will not realize their capabilities either in science or in work.
  • Lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender people who feel unable to publicly declare their sexual orientation are much less likely to take high positions in leadership, American studies show.