Spotlight on... Rachael Brink Akay, Colorado Youth Matter Board Member

Spotlight on... Rachael Brink Akay, Colorado Youth Matter Board Member

What inspired you to join the board of Colorado Youth Matter?

I have always been an advocate for women’s rights, especially when it comes to reproductive justice. I was inspired to join the board of Colorado Youth Matter because it is the most influential organization in educating our youth about their sexual health so they are empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and grow into strong, confident adults who will continue the fight for reproductive freedom.

How do you spend your time?

I work part-time as a physical therapist in an occupational medicine clinic and spend the rest of my time caring for my 9 month old, hanging with family, and playing soccer with my long ago college teammates.

What was your most memorable experience with sex education growing up?

My first experience with sexual education in the school system wasn’t until the 9th grade. When we finally had a sex ed section in our health class, it was nothing but a joke for the students. No one took it serious and I’m sure very few students learned much. I feel the reason it was a joke was because it wasn’t integrated into the general education from the beginning. If these students had had age appropriate sexual education from an earlier age, it wouldn’t have been a taboo subject and the class would not have been a joke.

What are 3-5 words that describe you?

Supportive, confident, non-judgmental, independent, and flexible.

What have you liked most about being involved with Colorado Youth Matter?

I have very much enjoyed being around like-minded community members who are constantly trying to better the world by empowering youth, always with a smile and a never-ending optimism.