Endless Questions: Supporting My Daughters

Endless Questions: Supporting My Daughters

By Adrah Levin
Board Member, Epidemiologist, and mother of two
December 3, 2015

I love watching my daughters grow. There is nothing more special than watching them discover new things, play with each other, and explore their world, always coming to me with endless questions. Right now they can ask me anything! I know that one day soon, their curiosity about their bodies, relationships and sex will start to increase, and while I may be able to talk to them about these things, they may not always want to turn to me.

 I want to be sure that my daughters will have access to “Askable Adults” with whom they are comfortable asking sensitive questions; I want to be sure that they receive the very best, most accurate and effective comprehensive sexuality education where they will learn about sex, boundaries, safe relationships, contraception, puberty, pregnancy, critical thinking and anything else that we as humans should be equipped with to be healthy adults.

I put my trust in Colorado Youth Matter. They work directly with schools, districts and communities to implement the most effective youth sexual health programs available to all youth. Over the past 5 years, Colorado Youth Matter has been part of a statewide effort to reduce teen birth rates and increase responsible decision making. Their programs in schools have proven to delay the onset of sexual activity and increase the use of contraception among those that are sexually active, and they have trained nearly 1,000 Askable Adults in just this past year. With Colorado Youth Matter in my community, I am confident that my daughters will get the information and the resources they need to feel confident about themselves and their ability to make decisions about their sexual health. I am confident that they will be able to withstand peer pressure because in addition to me teaching them at home, this information is getting reinforced at school. I am confident that they will have a trusted adult to turn to if they have questions or need support.

I am confident that will happen, if and only if, you help make it happen. Colorado Youth Matter is fortunate enough to be supported by generous funders, but these programs, their expertise and their support for schools need additional funding from us, you, me, and all of us who hope for our young kids to grow up with the information that will allow them to make responsible decisions that will open the doors to endless opportunities and bright futures.

Please support Colorado Youth Matter this Colorado Gives Day by donating a sum that fits your budget. Your support will make all the difference for the future sexual health of my girls and the many other youth out there. Click here to schedule your donation for Colorado Gives Day, and be sure to select “CO Gives Day” under donation type for your donation to be amplified by the $1 million incentive fund and our $5,000 board match.