Training Descriptions

Colorado Youth Matter provides a variety of trainings ranging from workshops of a few hours to multi-day curricula trainings. To request a training or learn more, contact Ruthie Kolb at (303) 225-8870 ext. 5 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Evidence-based and Promising Programs

Draw the Line, Respect the Line

Designed to be used either by a classroom teacher or trained family life educator in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. The aim of the program is to reduce the number of students who initiate or have sexual intercourse, and to increase condom use among students who are sexually active. Using a fun, interactive approach, Draw the Line shows students how to set personal limits and meet challenges to those limits.

Family Life and Sexual Health (F.L.A.S.H.)

Family Life and Sexual Health (F.L.A.S.H.) is a set of evidence informed, comprehensive sexual health education curricula written for primary (4th-6th grades), middle (7th-8th grades), high school (9th-12th grades) and special education students. The program was created by the Seattle & King County Health Department in Seattle, WA. The program provides information on sexual health topics including: puberty and biological anatomy, birth control, STDs and HIV prevention, abstinence, sexual violence prevention and gender identity and sexual orientation.

Reducing the Risk

Designed for grades 9-12 but recommended for 9th & 10th graders. It's instructor led and a total of 16 class period lessons that focus on the primary goal of encouraging youth to avoid unprotected sex by practicing abstinence or using contraceptives correctly and consistently. Reducing the Risk also assists youth in building skills to address peer pressure, making decisions, negotiating safe boundaries and goal-setting.

Street Smart

Street Smart is a 10-session intensive small-group skills-based intervention for runaway youth. The intervention focuses on providing access to health resources, making condoms available, training youth on personal skills, and training staff to help support the youth in changing their behavior. In small groups, the youth discussed the following topics: basics about HIV/STD risk, assessing personal risk and avoiding sexual risk, the correct use male and female condoms, how substance use affects sexual control and judgment, identifying and managing triggers for unsafe sex, and problem solving.

Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program®

Aims to reduce teens' rates of pregnancy, course failure, and academic suspension by enhancing protective factors. TOP is delivered over 9 months (a full school year) to middle and high school students who voluntarily enroll in the program in school or in an after-school or community-based setting. Learn more about the Colorado TOP Network

Other Training and Presentation Topics

Between the Bells Teacher Workshop

This is a two hour workshop designed to prepare teachers to answer questions from students regarding sex and sexual health with accurate information and resources. Colorado Youth Matter will provide techniques, resources and materials to teachers on sexual health topics.

Facilitation Skills Roundup

Colorado Youth Matter’s Facilitation Skills Roundup is a four hour skill building workshop focused around improving your facilitation skills by practicing. Whether you’re fairly new to facilitating or are an old pro, there’s always room to grow and learn. This workshop will be catered to the unique areas that participants want to practice.

From Playground to Prom: Talking to Your Children about Sex

Research indicates that young people, despite popular belief, look to their parents and other trusted adults for information and values on sexual health. But many parents feel woefully unprepared to have these conversations with their children. This 2 hour workshop is designed to equip you with the resources and tools necessary to enhance your communication with youth regarding sex and sexual health.

Growing Up WISE Training of Educators

This is a one day workshop for service providers working with families.  Colorado Youth Matter will provide information, guidelines, and materials for implementing a 2 hour skill-building workshop for parents/guardians on communicating with their child(ren) about sexual health topics.

Left OUT: LGBTQ Inclusivity in Sex Education

Evidence-based sexuality education curricula are proven to generate positive health outcomes and encourage teens to make informed decisions about their sexual health. However, these curricula are developed through a heteronormative and cisgender framework that often leaves out the experiences of LGBTQ youth. This workshop examines the sexual health concerns of LGBTQ youth and provides skills for adapting existing sex education resources to be more inclusive.

Objectifying the Data: Outcome Evaluation 101

This 3 hour workshop focuses on the basics of Outcomes- based Program evaluation: the why and how of goals and objectives, logic modeling, collecting and using data. Learn simple, easy steps to evaluation that will reduce anxiety and bust evaluation myths.

Policy Update: What Colorado’s Sex Ed Laws Mean for Communities

Colorado Youth Matter provides training on Colorado’s comprehensive sex education legislation, and related state laws and local policies, that address youth sexual health and content standards for schools delivering instruction on human sexuality.  This includes definitions of terms included in the law, descriptions of programs or curricula that meet the standards outlined in the law, and what our laws and policies do and don’t mean for communities.

Sexting: From Scandal to Opportunity

While the concept of sexting has officially been around since 2007, more recently, after several "scandals", sexting and media usage became a concern for youth, parents and schools. This workshop focuses on how to turn our reactive stances on media usage into a Positive Youth Development, risk reduction, and strengths-based approach to positively address a young person's sexual health. Utilizing activities, discussion, and research findings, this workshop will discuss the concerns, consequences, reactions and possible solutions to educating ourselves and youth about sexting and media usage so that we move past scandal into opportunity.

Sexuality Education in Colorado Schools, The Inside Story

In 2009 Colorado Youth Matter conducted a statewide assessment and meta-review of information on sexuality education policies and programming in Colorado schools.  This presentation highlights results from this assessment and provides recommendations and suggested steps toward progress for individual communities wanting to address sexuality education in their local schools.

The State of Adolescent Sexual Health in Colorado

Colorado Youth Matter presents research and data on national, state and county teen pregnancy, teen births, HIV and STIs and health disparities and the status of current policies and programs throughout Colorado.  This also can include a discussion on STI and teen pregnancy data in the county in which the training is conducted or relevant.  A county fact sheet with this data will be provided and discussed during the meeting.