WISE - Working to Institutionalize Sex Education

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Colorado Youth Matter is a lead partner organization for the national Working to Institutionalize Sex Education (WISE) initiative, heading up Colorado-based WISE work in school districts. This initiative works with local school districts to support them in adopting, implementing and institutionalizing comprehensive sexuality education programs that align with state law and Colorado Academic Standards. 
Through focused technical assistance and training resources, Colorado Youth Matter provides school districts with the tools and resources necessary to find an exemplary science based comprehensive sexuality education program, develop and adopt policy and practice standards that support the delivery of comprehensive sex education, and prepare teachers to deliver quality programs in classrooms. Colorado Youth Matter has successfully worked with some of Colorado’s largest school districts – as well as individual alternative education and charter schools – to find programs that fit the particular needs of students, administrators and faculty. Through innovative training designs, ongoing in-person support and the development of accessible tools, Colorado Youth Matter is ensuring that students across Colorado receive comprehensive sexuality education that is culturally sensitive, science based, and standards aligned. 
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