youthDonors are at the very center of everything Colorado Youth Matter does. Unlike grants which offer extremely specific and time-limited support, donors form a solid foundation for CYM's work, providing long-term sustainability and dependability. Colorado Youth Matter is immensely grateful for its many generous supporters who have shown their dedication to youth sexual health!

To make a donation, please visit the donation page.

Keystone Donors 
Monthly Donors

Beth Campbell
Kristina Green
Michael Keglovits
Ruth Pederson

Donors giving at least $2,000

Michelle Fuller
Rose Community Foundation

Donors giving at least $1,000

Beth Campbell
Ruth Pederson
Susan Richardson

Trail Blazers
Donors giving at least $500

Duffy Demarco
Martin Edwards
Todd Sainer

Donors giving at least $100

Anna Addoms
Cuneyt Akay
James Bolden
Lori Castillas
Kristina Green
Gulielma Fager
Kris Fraser
Chris Horner
Arturo Jimenez
Michael Keglovits
Lawrence G. Kline
Ruthie Kolb
M Patricia Levin
Cherie Lyons
Marlene Pakish
Ellen Marshall
Jocelyn Martinez-Brown
Kris Moore
Edward Olcese
Felisa Opper
Tod Stenger
Anna Vaughn
Jennifer Weddle
Patrick Winfield
Susan Winfield

Donors giving at least $50

Norman Aarestad
Kim Anderson
Richard Aust
Anne Burris
Wendy Cameron
Bree Carlson
Colby Coleman
Maura Dunn
Kristin Filak
Richard Garcia
Dara Hessee
Lidia Jasinski
Carol Joy
Katherine Kronish
J. Susan Luerssen
Adrah Levin
William McQuinn
Sarah Nickels
Marija Osborn
Stephen Wilson
Andrea Weitzner