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Interactive Map

Looking for local contacts? The latest birth rate data specific to where you live? Explore our interactive map that includes the most recent data from our 2011 State of Adolescent Sexual Health Report.

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Colorado Youth CREATE

Are you interested in being a youth leader and change maker in protecting and supporting youth sexual reproductive health and rights? Colorado Youth Create is recruiting youth between the ages 17-22 for its statewide Youth Advocacy Council.  Click here to learn how to apply. 

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Fast Facts

From 2005-2009, Colorado's Latina teen birth rate has declined by nearly 30% . . . more than any other race or ethnicity. 

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Youth Action Day

Colorado Youth Matter brings together youth from across Colorado to lobby their state legislators about the importance of addressing the sexual health of adolescents and supporting young families.  Click here to watch the 2010 Youth Action Day video. 

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Our Issues

Colorado Youth Matter works to effectively advocate for policies that support adolescent reproductive health and parenting teens through public education, grassroots campaigns, and working with local coalitions and government officials.   

We believe policy makers must see, hear, and understand the experiences of youth in their communities when developing policies that will impact the health and lives of youth.  We work to highlight the experiences of youth to connect the issues of teen pregnancy prevention and teen parenting to broader social factors that impact the lives of teens and young families.


Sexual & Reproductive Health of Youth

Preventing teen pregnancy and STIs means providing youth with the information and resources they need to make healthy decisions.  This can be done by:

  1. Promoting science-based sexuality education that is comprehensive, medically accurate and age-appropriate 
  2.  Providing youth with access to contraception and youth-friendly reproductive health services
  3. Eliminating barriers that limit access to these services and programs by improving patient confidentiality and community outreach.


Support for Pregnant & Parenting Youth

Pregnant and parenting youth, like all youth, have the right to reach their educational and career goals.  This can be done by:

  1. Ensuring equitable educational opportunities for pregnant and parenting youth 
  2. Providing access to resources and services, such as quality child care, housing, and health care for young families


Access to Opportunity for All Youth

All youth have the right to dream and be supported in carrying out those dreams.  Youth who have aspirations for their future, and resources and support to work towards those aspirations, delay parenting and make more informed life decisions.  Policy makers, leaders, funders and communities can support this by:

  1. Providing educational opportunities for all Colorado students
  2. Barrier-free access to quality health care that recognizes adolescents as consumers of their own care
  3. Ensuring safe and thriving communities that are free of racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty and other forms of marginalization


Check out the following links for more information on what you can do to advocate for teen pregnancy prevention and support for young families:


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