Sex Ed Snapshot Update

Sex Ed Snapshot Update

In 2010, after the 2007 state sexuality education law (HB07 -1292) was adopted, Colorado Youth Matter conducted an informal statewide assessment of local policies, content, delivery and professional development related to HIV prevention and sexuality education in Colorado schools to determine if the education and policies met the standards of the law. This groundbreaking report is available by clicking here: HIV Prevention and Sexuality Education in Colorado Classrooms: A Snapshot of Policy and Practice. Concurrently in 2007, a statewide coalition – The Healthy Colorado Youth Alliance – was formed to build statewide collaborations and strengthen advocacy efforts in support of the law. In 2010, new standards for health education were adopted by the Colorado Board of Education, prompting the need to update the assessment to monitor changes in sexuality education programs and policies implemented in schools across the state.



Key findings from Snapshot update:

  • There is still confusion about the law and about how to access quality information on sexual health.
  • Many district administrators and teachers still don't know what's being taught in our classrooms.
  • Those committed to delivering high quality instruction still don't have access to current, affordable resources and professional development.

Click here to read more and learn what you can do to take action for complete youth sexual health education across Colorado.

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