Leo Kattari

Training and Education Manager

 Leo Kattari

Previous Education:

BS in Sociology, Minor in Women’s Studies and African & Latino Studies – SUNY Oneonta

MSW - University of Denver


Wantagh, New York


My partner and I have 3 fabulous cats: Jasper, Kali and Kinsey

When did you start working in the sexual health field?

I’ve worked with LGBTQ communities for various years and during grad school I worked as a case manager for people living with HIV/AIDS. I’ve always felt that knowledge, education and access to resources are essential to provide to young people and adults to make the best decisions for themselves.

What is your best/worst/most memorable experience with sex ed growing up?

I was one of the few lucky ones who received sex ed throughout middle school and high school. I don’t remember the content but I do remember how awesome my high school health teacher was and how I wanted to be like her.

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