• What Happened to the B? Addressing Bisexuality in the Classroom and Clinic

    What Happened to the B? Addressing Bisexuality in the Classroom and Clinic

    As research and sexual health curricula have changed with growing evidence over the years, sexuality education has been moving towards a more inclusive approach. However, there is still a lot of room for growth, especially in the realm of bisexuality. 

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  • What's the Hap at the Cap?


    "What's the Hap at the Cap?" is a bi-weekly blog that gives you all of the information you need on Colorado's 2017 legislative session. With up-to-date news on bills that impact sexual health issues and Colorado youth, "What's the Hap at the Cap?" is a blog series you don't want to miss! 

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  • 2017 National Sexual Health Conference

    Colorado Youth Matter is proud to be a supporting partner for the 2017 National Sexual Health Conference! This conference aims to create opportunities to share information, efforts, and best practices around sexual health across the lifespan by bridging the varied disciplines of education, advocacy, and clinical care, among others.

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  • 2016 SASH Report

    2016 SASH Report

    Announcing the 2016 State of Adolescent Sexual Health (SASH) Report! This report provides up-to-date data and recommendations for youth sexual health across Colorado. 


  • Interactive Map

    mapWant to know more about the county you live in? Check out CYM's interactive map of Colorado to learn about teen pregnancy rates, STI data, and more county by county. 


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Colorado Youth Matter helps educate the educator – in schools and communities, among families and peers.


Through training, research, advocacy, comprehensive sexuality education and youth/family partnerships, Colorado Youth Matter strengthens leadership and advances the movement for youth sexual health by helping communities across Colorado reach their desired academic and health goals.


Colorado Youth Matter opened its doors in 1984 to provide training for educators and build a statewide network to advance the well-being of teen parents. Since then, it remains the only statewide organization committed exclusively to youth sexual health, access to opportunity for all youth, and support for pregnant and parenting teens.


Colorado Youth Matter actively engages Colorado communities to promote the healthy sexual development of all young people.



All young people in Colorado will be equipped with education and resources to make informed decisions about their sexual health.

Colorado experiences staggering decline in teen birth rates.

An announcement from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment released October 22, 2015 states that teen pregnancies have dropped a total of 48% from 2009 to 2014. Learn more about this progress and Colorado Youth Matter's next steps here.

The State of Adolescent Sexual Health

Stay up to date with Colorado-specific data about teen birth and sexually transmitted infection rates. 

Purchase a copy of the 2016 State of Adolescent Sexual Health Report here.

View the SASH archives for data from previous years.

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